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About me

Hello !

Yes, I know what you think : another travel blog ! Certainly, this is the case but I hope that this little presentation will make you understand my approach in travel blogging and to get you interested in my blog.

I am a woman in my forties, married to a wonderful man who is a travel and photography enthusiastic just like me and we enjoy active, cultural or more contemplative trips around the world. Our pleasure is to share those beautiful moments with our families and friends through our photos and stories.



Since my early childhood, I have traveled with one goal in mind : to cross the path of marine mammals and more particularly, dolphins and whales in their own wild and free environment. I studied them as an ethologist and I photographed them a lot above and under the water. For those who are interested in my pictures, here is the link to my photo website: Isabelle Dupré, Nature and Culture Photography.


Of all the countries that I’ve had the chance to travel to, some have left more indelible marks than others, including Canada, Costa Rica, Norway, Scotland, Iceland, French Polynesia, South Africa and especially New Zealand.

Scuba diving is for me one of the ways to discover the environmental beauty of a country. It is also a source of well being and communion with the sea and its inhabitants.




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