Close to Republique, Eat Two Lunch : a coworking place and restaurant of a new kind

Many thanks to my friend Géraldine for making me discover this multi-talented restaurant just steps from the Place de la République.

Eat Two Work, a Franco-German venue, is both a coworking space and a restaurant with Scandinavian-style decor and good gluten-free dishes and fresh produce from organic farming or small producers. The menu displays tasty and healthy Scandinavian trends (such as smorrebrod or salmon gravlax) and vegetarians will find an excellent and generous vegetarian plate, various bowls (quinoa, hummus, chickpeas …) and quiches. Fresh squeezed juices are also on the menu of this very healthy restaurant, which also offers an interesting beer and wine list.

They offer breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner and are open every day (until 19h from Monday to Tuesday and Wednesday to Saturday until 23h) except on Sundays.

As for the coworking space, it offers 35 individual seats and three meeting rooms of 6, 10 and 12 places. One wonders where they can be when you enter the restaurant but just go around the yard or go past the kitchen to find them. Everything is decorated in the Scandinavian spirit with lots of light wood and green and white tones.

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