Close to Bastille, a less than 20 euros brunch New York style …

… while staying in Paris.

Here is another address that we would like to keep for ourselves – but that we share because we are so nice : Fresh Bagel and Juice!

First of all, the setting is very nice. In the first room stands an huge table perfect for the family or friends’ tribes. The decoration, made of small red bricks, reminds the industrial style that you can find in the « Friends famous Central Perk ». In the annex, a large glass roof brings a lot of brightness, even in a rainy day, and the vegetal wall gives a cozy and warm atmosphere.

In the plate, generous bagels made to order with fresh products, New York style desserts (cheesecake, cookies, brownies, nutella muffins …) and original squeezed fruit juices. About the bagels, you have a choice between eight different rolls depending on your taste and the chosen filling. We have tested several and they are all excellent! The hearty brunch is excellent value for money, one of the best in the 11th arrondissement: bagel of your choice, dessert of your choice too, fresh fruit juice (we had apple, orange and raspberry), homemade soup (with pumpkin and coconut milk this time), salad and hot drink! All of this for 19 euros, I bet you cannot find a better deal in all Paris !

Fresh Bagel and Juice

1 rue Froment, 75011 Paris

Tel : 0155286132

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